Tiana Lynn

Tiana Lynn is most famous for her ability to squirt. Tiana states that she is a born again Christian, and that she feels this is not an impediment to her chosen career as a porn star. Prior to mastering her ability to squirt, she worried about why she always created large wet-spot puddles and believed something was medically wrong with her. She now describes her natural wetness as being like the bottled beverage Propel. Although she had her nipples pierced several times, she no longer wears her post or stud jewelry on them. Other than her ears, Tiana Lynn has a pierced belly-button.

Given her squirting ability, she often appears in movies with other actresses who can squirt on demand, most notably Cytherea, Flower Tucci, and Angela Stone.

In December 2005, Tiana Lynn added “marketing” to her resume by being national marketing director for Elegant Angel in addition to performing for them under contract. In March 2006, Tiana retired from performing and focused all her attention into marketing along with directing.

AKA’s – Tiana, Teana, Lynne, Tianna , Teanna


Tiana Lynn is best known for being one of the biggest squirters in the adult film industry. Most don’t know that included in her performance contract with Elegant Angel she works in all phases of production to even running the offices in Canoga Park, Calif. In this interview with XRentDVD’s Big D, Tiana has some pointers for new porn starlets, reveals that she squirts in every scene she has performed in and why working for Elegant Angel is a perfect fit for her.

Big D: You are the one and only contract girl for Elegant Angel. You not only perform for them but sounds like you are running the whole show over there. Is that true?

Tiana Lynn: I wouldn’t say the whole show. We have a pretty good team here. Everybody takes part in almost everything. We all have our positions here. Mine is on production management. I head our VOD and do all the promotions and PR and write all the synopsizes for the DVDs. We all pitch in to get everything done. It is really great here. I’ve never worked with such a great team. You know that if you are sick one day that someone will be right there to help you. It’s pretty great over here.

Big D: What is it about Elegant Angel that not only made you want to be a contract girl but to have such an expanded role?

Tiana Lynn: As a performer I couldn’t be happier because their main goal is ‘get off’. Pretty much they let me make it happen. They don’t ask you how many minutes of each position or turn over. It’s pretty much ‘here’s your prop, now get off on it.’ I couldn’t be happier in that aspect. As for the office, like I said, I have never worked this closely with such a great team. You come here and it is like your home. Everyone greets you with a smile and gets a long and they care. No matter what job I work, I can’t be bored or else I am going to go do something different. Here I am never bored. If I start getting bored they hand me another position.

Big D: Literally and figuratively a new position.

TL: (laughs) Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Big D: You started in the industry and then took a break and then came back. What made you take a hiatus and what convinced you to return?

TL: When I got in the business I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I got in and I was told what to do and I did it. I was still kind of embarrassed by my sexuality, I’m not going to lie. I really wanted to do it but I didn’t really know what I liked or who I liked or how I liked it. It was kind of rough at first because I just went through the positions and stuff like that. I was young and got introduced to the Hollywood lifestyle. I had been introduced to it before but never like this. I kind of got carried away and it scared the crap out of me. I went home and got my life together and started to figure out who I was. I actually came back out to LA to support a girl that wanted to get into the industry and I ended up getting booked. I said, ‘okay. I’ll stay out here for a couple weeks and I’ll then go home and buy a new car.’ I came out here and met some really great people and I saw all the places it could take me. At that point I pretty much told people, ‘this is what I like, this is what I don’t like.’ I got the work I wanted to do and they made it really easy for me. After a while I started figuring out more things that I liked and took it to different extremes. It was pretty great and I actually ended up staying out here. I didn’t plan on moving out here until I got this position with Elegant Angel. I was struggling with if this is really somewhere I want to be or do I want to take the money and run. I realized that there is so much for me here that there is no chance of leaving right now. Elegant Angel set me up with my apartment, my vehicle and pretty much a home and a family. For Thanksgiving I end up going over there and it’s great. I ended up staying.

Big D: How does a girl from Tucson, Ariz. come to the decision to start working in porn the first time around?

TL: To be honest, I swear I remember walking to school in second grade and thinking ‘ I really want to do that’. I don’t know why. I wanted to do all kinds of things. I want to run for treasurer of the state but I also wanted to be a Playmate. I don’t know. I always had this tingling feeling inside when I would think about being a porn star really, really young. I’ve always modeled and I started modeling when I turned 18. I always wanted to be a lingerie model. I modeled for Adventure Apparel. This guy introduced himself to me and we did some internet stuff and he told me California is where it is at. He sent me out there and it is where it is at.

Big D: Since you got into the industry young like many of the girls are doing today and had a bad experience the first time, what advice would you suggest to the new girls just breaking into the industry?

TL: I would suggest, ‘don’t burn out right away’. If they are traveling back and forth from wherever they came from, come out for a couple of weeks and go back home and then come out for another couple of weeks and then go back home. It’s pretty hard to do because that is what I planned to do but I ended up staying out here for two or three months. So much for going home in a week. Also, always remember that there is other life out there. It is hard not to get caught up in it because all of a sudden you are being booked everyday and then you burn out. I would suggest taking days off and taking breaks. Also do stuff that is non-porn related. It is one of the greatest things out there and a lot of life is about sex right? There is other stuff out there. Go to the beach. Go rock climbing. Do stuff for yourself.

Big D: Sometimes it seems like some girls just get intoxicated with the money and will work everyday or sometimes twice a day.

TL: It’s not just the money. It is really hard to turn down the agents too. Some will say, ‘I’ve got this many jobs for you’. One thing you need to remember is that those jobs will still be there. They still are going to want to shoot you. You don’t have to shoot it all in one month. That’s one of the hardest things for girls to realize. They think ‘well, it’s here now’. It will be there later. Porn is not going anywhere.

Big D: You are signed to a contract with Elegant Angel. What are details of the agreement with Elegant?

TL: There aren’t too many details really. If I feel like doing a scene, I’ll do it. It works out to be about three scenes a month. There is no deadline to it like my contract will expire in about a year or so. To be honest with you, however long I decide to stay in the industry I guarantee I will finish out with Elegant Angel, whether it is one more year or ten more years. It’s really funny, I broke out in hives one time. They said, ‘okay, we’ll just shoot it’. I asked them, ‘what if I gain 200 pounds?’, and they said they would start a new line. So whatever happens they will work around me. I don’t have to worry about it. I am safe here.

Big D: I doubt that Elegant Angel will be looking to do a TL BBW series anytime soon.

TL: Not anytime soon but you never know. I have a horrible french fry addiction.

Big D: It seems like Elegant Angel has really separated itself from the competition by putting out a lot of squirting titles like Flower’s Squirt Shower, Squirtwoman and Swallow My Squirt.

TL: If you think about it, our logo says, ‘Where the girls cum too’. Whether they squirt or not, as long as they get off we want to capture it. It is the truth. Girls do get off. Girls do like to have sex. We just make our environment comfortable enough for girls to get off. We try to show them how if they don’t know that’s fine. We are also going to be doing an April Showers promotion much like we did our Squirtember promotion. We are going to be releasing a lot of our squirting titles in one month and kind of make a big celebration out of it. We will be releasing the next edition in all of our squirting series. We are actually pre-shooting Swallow My Squirt #3 right now. We will soon to be shooting Flower’s Squirt Shower #3 which won an AVN award for Best Specialty Release – Squirting.

Big D: So what’s the deal with the squirting? The debate continues to rage on if it is real or not. Many claim the girls are just peeing and the ability to squirt is a farce. Here is your chance to set the record straight. What’s the deal?

TL: You know, I really don’t know what the deal is. To be honest when it first happened to me I thought I had to pee. I ran off the set. By the way, people don’t like that. I ran off set and went to the bathroom to relieve the pressure. I went to the bathroom and said, ‘okay, my bladder is empty’. I came back and all of a sudden that pressure is there. The people on set were telling me to let it go. I said, ‘I don’t know what the fuck it is’. All of a sudden I am having this earth shattering explosion out of me. I had always heard about orgasms being like that. That is definitely what squirting is like. It’s like an explosion. I didn’t really know where it came from and Cytherea used to do it for me and showed me where it was. Now I can get it in like five seconds. The more you do it, the more you can squirt. At first you will start off sprinkling or girls will tend to leave a huge wet spot on the bed which I used to be very embarrassed of. My boyfriends used to make fun of me. Imagine their surprise now. The more you do it, the faster it builds. The muscles get stronger and like any muscle the further it is going to push. Then all of a sudden you are squirting 20 feet like it is no problem. A lot of people won’t believe it until it happens to them. I’ve worked with a lot nonbelievers that have said it is impossible for any girl to do it. You know what? Any girl can do it. Once they do it they say, ‘Holy shit!’. It’s hard to believe it until you do it yourself.

Big D: Did you know you had the potential to squirt or was is discovered by being a porn star?

TL: I discovered it by being in the adult industry. My boyfriends would make fun of me and I would be really embarrassed. I used to feel really, really embarrassed. Then all of a sudden I would have the attitude of ‘screw you, I’m going to get off. If you are going to give me a facial I am going to give you one too.’ Since my mine goes backwards I just get facials from both ends. Alright I will take it all. I am a cum hog so it is okay.

Big D: Being a squirter yourself, there are just a handful of girls that are really well known for squirting, Cytherea, yourself, Flower Tucci. Any other girls on the horizon that you know of that could be added to that group?

TL: Annie Cruz is getting up there. I had known she had squirted before but apparently she has got it down. She must have found the spot. We are really excited about her and putting her in more productions. You’ve got Angela Stone has burned out something like three cameras. Georgia Southe is actually really phenomenal. It’s rather hard to book her. You’ve got your handful of big time squirters and then you’ve got the girls who can do it randomly. Sometimes it is tough to get them.

Big D: It seems like the squirting titles are rather popular based on the amount of DVDs we carry on XRentDVD that fall in the squirting category.

TL: The reason I like it is makes women at home feel that it is okay. It’s okay to get off. It’s not always about the guy. Use him like they use you. You are there to get off too. When it comes to me, I actually get off on getting a guy off. So if the guy is cumming, I am there squirting because I can feel it coming. It’s great because it makes women feel comfortable in their sexuality.

Big D: Outside of the squirting titles you have done, you also do other porn not related to that genre like Cum Fart Cocktails #2 or Feeding Frenzy #6. What are some of the other DVDs you have done that you enjoyed doing?

TL: Even if it is not supposed to be a squirting thing I end up squirting in it. Even when I am doing blow jobs for Glazed & Confused. I have a huge cum fetish. If five guys cum on me I feel it start to build. I just kind of get myself off. I really enjoyed working on The Villa with Janine. It was funny but the house that we worked in you weren’t allowed to squirt inside. We had to take the guy outside and have him fuck the shit out of me. It hurts to not let it go. It really, really does. So sometimes we had to take the guy outside and squirt out there and then come back and go ride him. That movie was a lot of fun.

Big D: If you were to suggest a few adult DVDs that you either enjoyed making or enjoyed watching yourself, which ones would you suggest?

TL: I would suggest Cum Rain Cum Shine. Just because it is about me and it is about females being able to do whatever they want. I know a lot of couples really like that one. I think the marketing of that title was to females to feel sexually empowered. Definitely that series. Other than that I really don’t see too many that are not my own. I definitely want to check out more features like Pirates and I’ve heard it was actually really, really good.

Big D: Who is the male talent you like to work with?

TL: Recently I discovered Marcos Leon. I really, really like working with him. I like working with Billy Glide. He is so phenomenal. He is so enthusiastic about getting the girl off. Randy Spears is so much fun and he is really funny and he is so filthy. Mark Ashley is the first guy to make me squirt so he will always be a given.

Big D: What do you think the future holds for you? Do you have aspirations to direct or possibly manage your own agency?

TL: I have aspirations for everything. I know Patrick (Collins) wants me to direct because I am sick like that. I just might. To be honest I have no set goals. I am just here to learn as much as I can and experience all I can. If I want to direct I will be given the opportunity and we’ll see what I can do. It’s just when the time comes. It’s like playing baseball. I want to learn how to play all the positions. And when I play each position I want to make sure I am outstanding at it. I want to do more on the business side of it. I love writing all of our press releases and writing the synopsis of the movies. Last year I helped coordinate the AVN show in Vegas. I really like the behind the scenes making stuff happen behind the camera. I kind of see myself wandering off more in that end.

Big D: What new releases can we expect to see from you soon?

TL: Cum Rain Cum Shine #2 is scheduled to come out January 17. That one was really fun and I had some blooper moments. It includes Savannah James and Celeste Star. Kaiya Lynn. She is phenomenal. I absolutely love her. Let’s see, Karina Kay, Trina Michaels, Allie Ray. Haley Paige was in it. I actually didn’t get to work with her but she was actually in the first scene.

Big D: Speaking of female talent in general, who are your favorites to work with?

TL: I love working with Angela Stone. I love her because there are so many things that get her off. She is just fun to play with. You can do the littlest thing and she will start squirting. I absolutely love it. I love Flower Tucci because she really brings it all out in me. She’s very… what’s the word? Outrageous. You just want to be right there with her. Kaiya Lynn. Like I said, she is just phenomenal. I only did a girl/girl with her but man, I’d really like to put a cock in her ass and taste it. Kinzie Kenner is my doll. I like her more in my personal life because I get to do whatever I want to do to her (laughs). I am sure there is more. I would really like to work with Jenna because she is so pretty. I really like Belladonna. She is really nice and she is filthy.

Big D: Do you have a preference when it comes to being with guys or girls on camera or off?

TL: Oh, that is a tough one. It’s kind of like 60% for girls and 40% for the guys. If you watch Cum Rain Cum Shine or a lot of my movies, you’ll most likely see me in a girl/girl/guy scene. That’s probably because I work in the casting of movies and I will always put myself with a girl and guy. That way I have both. It is so much easier that way because you have your girls that are so pretty and she can put her boobs on top of you while you are being screwed. Then you have your guy doing his thing too.

Big D: Sounds kind of unfair for anyone else since you have a hand in the casting and can book the performers you want to work with into your scene. Kind of like you get the pick of the litter when it comes to who you will be performing with.

TL: Yeah I do. Honestly, I just want people who are sexual. Even if I have never worked with them before they have to have the attitude that they can’t live without sex and then I am going to put them in the scene. I’ve got to think about behind the camera and in front of it. I need people that I am going to be compatible with and then there are some people that don’t mesh well. There are some people that don’t like squirting. I don’t want to force some girl to work with me if that’s not her thing. If there is something that she is really into I am more than happy to put her in with someone she does want to work with. We always interview our talent. We ask them, what do you like? Who do you like? And then we will make it happen. We just want to make them as comfortable as possible so that they can go there and do their thing and not worry about the camera and worry about themselves.